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Manchester Arena blast: 19 dead and about 50 hurt


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The blast happened at about 22:35 BST on Monday following a pop concert by the US singer Ariana Grande. 

爆炸发生在周一晚22点35分,当时美国歌星Ariana Grande的演唱会刚刚结束。

The cause is unknown but PM Theresa May said her thoughts were with those affected by “what is being treated by the police as an appalling terrorist attack”.


British Transport Police said the explosion was in the arena’s foyer.


foyer: n. entrance hall or large open space in a theatre, hotel, etc where people can meet or wait (剧场﹑ 旅馆等的)门厅, 休息厅

Greater Manchester Police has established an emergency telephone number in response to the attack. It is: 0161 856 9400.

为了应对此次恐怖袭击,曼彻斯特警方公布了紧急热线0161 856 9400。

The prime minister has suspended her general election campaigning and will chair a meeting of the government’s emergency Cobra committee later, in response to the attack.


Mrs May said: “We are working to establish the full details” of what had happened in Manchester. 


“All our thoughts are with the victims and the families of those who have been affected,” Mrs May said.


BBC Home Affairs Correspondent Daniel Sandford said senior counter-terrorism officers were assembling in London and liaising with the Home Office.

BBC国内通讯员Daniel Sandford表示,高级反恐官员已经齐聚伦敦并与内政部展开合作。

Unconfirmed reports from two unnamed US officials suggested the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber.


The BBC’s Tim Ashburner, who is at the scene, spoke to some volunteer paramedics who treated the injured for “shrapnel-like injuries”.

现场的伤者很多都是由弹片造成的,BBC记者Tim Ashburner在爆炸现场采访了几位医疗志愿者后表示。

shrapnel: n. [U] small fragments of metal encased in a shell and scattered when the shell explodes 榴霰弹

The leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, tweeted: “Terrible incident in Manchester. My thoughts are with all those affected and our brilliant emergency services.”

劳工党领导人Jeremy Corbyn在推特上说:“曼彻斯特恐怖袭击案。我和受害者及伟大的急救人员们同在。”

Greater Manchester metro mayor Andy Burnham said: “My heart goes out to families who have lost loved ones, my admiration to our brave emergency services. “A terrible night for our great city.”

曼彻斯特市长Andy Burnham说到:“我对失去挚爱的家属们深表同情。向我们可敬的急救人员致敬。对于我们的城市来说这是一个可怕的夜晚。”

Shortly after the blast Manchester Victoria station, which is close to the concert venue, was closed and all trains cancelled.


Greater Manchester Police carried out a precautionary controlled explosion in the Cathedral Garden area of the city at about 01:32. The force confirmed it was not a suspicious item.


A number of eyewitnesses have described the confusion in the aftermath.


Andy Holey, who had gone to the arena to pick up his wife and daughter who had been at the concert, said: “As I was waiting, an explosion went off and it threw me about 30ft from one set of doors to the other set of doors. 

Andy Holey当时正在体育场准备接看完演唱会的妻子和女儿,他说:“正在我等待的时候,爆炸发生了,我被推了约30英尺远,从一扇门推到另一扇门。”

“When I got up I saw bodies lying on the ground. My first thought was to go into the arena to try to find my family. 


“When I couldn’t find them, I went outside with the police and fire and looked through some of the bodies to try and find my wife and daughter. 


“I managed to find them eventually and they’re OK. 


“It was definitely an explosion and it was some force. It happened near the box office at the entrance to the Arena.” 

“这绝对是一场爆炸而且是一场恐怖袭击。 它就发生在体育场入口的检票处。”

Media captionFootage shows a string of emergency services vehicles rushing to the scene


Emma Johnson said she and her husband were at the arena to pick up her children, aged 15 and 17.

Emma Johnson说,她和她的丈夫当时正在体育场附近,准备接她们的15岁和17岁的孩子。

“It was definitely a bomb. It was definitely in the foyer,” she told BBC Radio Manchester.


“We were stood at the top of the stairs and the glass exploded – it was near to where they were selling the merchandise.


“The whole building shook. There was a blast and then a flash of fire afterwards. There were bodies everywhere.”


At the scene: Tom Mullen BBC News

Tom Mullen BBC新闻现场报道

The police activity around the arena has been huge. There are blue flashing lights and cordons seemingly on almost every street corner.


A wide area around the venue itself has been completely taped off, and the crime scene appears to be widening, with police pushing people further and further back.


I’ve spoken to people who are shaken, scared and often tearful. One thing that’s apparent is there are many, many young people, some of them with parents or guardians. One mother told me her priority was simply to get her daughters home.


Other people have been more candid and have described seeing people covered in blood, or being treated by paramedics. There’s still a huge sense of confusion and people are constantly searching for information while letting their families know they’re safe. 


Josh Elliott, speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, said he was shocked by news of the fatalities.

Josh Elliott对BBC第五频道的人说,他对于有死者的消息感到震惊。

“A bang went off and everyone stopped and screamed… we basically hit the deck,” he said


“It was bedlam… it was horrific.


bedlam: n. [U] scene of noisy confusion; uproar 乱哄哄的场面; 喧嚣

“We got up when we thought it was safe and got out as quickly as possible.

“People were just crying and in tears… police cars were everywhere.


“We just wanted to get out as quickly as possible because we didn’t know what was going on.”


The background – Ian Youngs, BBC News entertainment reporter

事发现场背景:BBC娱乐记者Ian Youngs

Manchester Arena, formerly known as the MEN Arena, is the biggest indoor venue in the city with a capacity of around 18,000 for concerts.

曼彻斯特体育场前身为曼切斯特曼恩球场(MEN Arena),是曼彻斯特最大的室内场地,能够容纳1万8千名观众。

The arena foyer connects with Victoria train and tram station, a major hub on the northern edge of the city centre.


The arena regularly hosts concerts by major stars like Ariana Grande – a 23-year-old American TV teen actress-turned-pop star.

曼彻斯特体育场经常举办各种大牌明星的演唱会。由童星转型的23岁美国流行女歌手Ariana Grande的演唱会就在此举行。

She’s a big draw for young fans, with hits including Problem, featuring Iggy Azalea, which hit number one in the UK in 2014; and Side To Side, featuring Nicki Minaj, which reached number four last year.

Ariana Grande深受年轻粉丝喜欢,拥有多首热门单曲,比如2014年位居英国排行榜榜首的《Problem》(与Iggy Azalea合作)和2016年位居排行榜第四名的《Side To Side》(与Nicki Minaj合作)。

She’s currently on a European tour – she’s already played Birmingham and Dublin and is due to be at the O2 Arena in London on Wednesday and Thursday.

Ariana Grande的欧洲巡回演唱会已在伯明翰、都柏林举办,原计划本周三、周四在伦敦O2体育场演出。

Michelle Sullivan, from Huddersfield, was attending the concert with her daughters, aged 12 and 15. “It was really scary,” she said. “Just as the lights have gone down we heard a really loud explosion… Everybody screamed. “When we got out they just said ‘keep on running, keep on running’.”

来自哈德斯菲尔德的Michelle Sullivan带着12岁和15岁的女儿来看演唱会。“实在是太恐怖了”,她说:“就在灯光暗下来的时候我们听到了巨大的爆炸声……所有人都在尖叫。我们出来的时候就听到有人喊‘快跑!快跑!’”


Within an hour of reports of the incident emerging, people began offering spare rooms and beds to people stranded in the city using the hashtag #RoomForManchester.

爆炸新闻报道后不到一个小时,人们便开始通过话题标签#RoomForManchester 提供空闲的房间和床铺,收留暂时无家可归的人。

Hundreds of tweets offering places to stay are being shared and re-tweeted thousands of times.


Pat Carney, Manchester City Council’s spokesman for the city centre, said the city’s thoughts were with the families of those killed and injured.

曼彻斯特市议会发言人帕特•卡尼(Pat Carney)发言表示,曼彻斯特与遇难者及其家属同在。

“It’s a very easy target – a concert hall where young people are enjoying music,” he said.


“The public are really co-operating by staying away from what is basically now a crime site.


“The world we live in, police and the council have emergency procedures that we practise all the time.


“Obviously everyone in the city is shocked, having seen how young some of these people are


“The police are treating it as a live site, we don’t know if this is the end or there are other incidents in that area… we don’t know at the moment.”



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